Unleash the Power of AI for the IEC

As an independent educational consultant, you know how important it is to stay on top of the latest technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many industries, and the same holds true for independent education consulting. AI can help streamline processes, unlock insights, enhance customer experiences, and even provide educational opportunities in ways that were previously impossible. With AI, you can take your educational consulting business or any business to the next level.

Streamlining Processes with AI

AI can streamline your business operations and provide efficiencies that were not previously possible.

Unlocking Insights with AI

With AI, you can unlock valuable insights that will drive impactful decisions for your business.

Through AI

AI can be used as a tool to teach and educate, helping people to gain new skills and knowledge.

Enhancing Customer Experience with AI

AI can help to provide customers with a personalized and seamless experience, enhancing the overall customer service experience.

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AI Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

AI provides powerful, tailor-made solutions to perfectly fit your specific needs as an independent educational consultant. AI technology is constantly evolving and becoming more advanced and sophisticated, enabling it to offer innovative solutions for streamlining processes, unlocking insights, enhancing customer experiences, and even providing educational opportunities in ways that were previously impossible. With AI, you’ll have the advantage of obtaining customized solutions specifically designed to meet your unique goals and objectives.

Achieve More with AI

Unlock your potential and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

As an independent educational consultant, you can accomplish much more in your business by leveraging the power of AI. With AI technology, you can unlock time by streamlining social media posts, become an author, develop custom-tailored learning plans for each student; and even provide new educational opportunities for those who need them most. AI can also provide optimized blog posts, automate task operations, and offer targeted marketing campaigns—ensuring that your business is running at maximum efficiency.

Join the Revolution

Join the AI revolution today and unlock new possibilities for your business, your customers, and yourself!

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Look What Others Are Saying About Mark!

Mark knows his AI!! I am impressed and a little overwhelmed by the content but eager to try it. He would make a great pre-conference hands on workshop for sure. Amazing what technology has the ability to do and how it might transform our work in the next few years. We all need to jump on and try it out. See how it is useful. This session was amazing!!
Wow, this was incredibly helpful! Thanks, Mark, for an engaging and highly relevant presentation with usable tools.
SHOCKINGLY helpful--wild innovation in this space and the fact that he gave us such great tips/tricks to execute and make our practice areas stronger is just wonderful. THANK YOU!
Mark is very knowledgeable!
This was a very informative and actionable session and I have many takeaways to explore implementing. And, Mark is always an amazing presenter.
Thank you- lots of great info here! I've only dabbled in AI, so I'm a bit on the beginner end of the learning curve. The presentation gave me some ideas on how to stretch myself a little.
Always helpful and informative. If I can get a fraction of what Mark says, maybe I will keep moving my business forward.
There was a lot of valuable information that I otherwise would not have been aware of that can be useful in my practice.
As we all seek out our place in the world of AI this presentation inspired me. Thank you!
So much information ~ Mark went above and beyond sharing priceless information!
Mark is in a league of his own. Every opportunity I have to attend a session he is leading...I take advantage of it. Maybe someday I won't be overwhelmed.
Good session, although the whole AI thing is overwhelming. I don't have confidence without intensive training. I'd need a full-day workshop with a teacher available in order to gain the confidence to use AI in my practice. Idea... full-day or half-day pre-conference session?
This was ALOT! Much needed to learn and figure out ways to use...Mark was great - patient, knowledgeable, and dynamic!
Mark was terrific, and I learned so much. He offered great examples for all of us.
Excellent Session! I would like to have a IECA Webinar and/or workshop (Paid) led by Mark on in-depth training with each of the tools that he talked about . Excellent Information.
Mark Cruver is amazing! He inspires me to want to learn more about AI and figure out ways to incorporate it into my practice - and that's saying a lot because I do not love technology.
Great information - a bit over my head, but Mark definitely knows his stuff.
As usual, Mark is extraordinarily generous with his ideas and overall knowledge. Patient and kind, he's an enthusiastic presenter and wants very much to share what he's learned; a real IECAer!
Whoa, thank you thank you thank you Mark Cruver. I was hoping for a session like this and you more than delivered. A W E S O M E J O B. And virtual delivery of this presentation was so helpful because I could type and practice alongside you! thx
Fantastic content and presentation!!!!! SUPER helpful!!!!